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Mobicents is the leading Open Source Cloud Communications Platform. It provides a runtime environment and comprehensive suite of tools for development, deployment and management of services integrating voice, video and messaging across a range of communications networks. Mobicents drives convergence of Web, Enterprise and Communications apps via the following enablers:


  • Mobicents JAIN-SLEE - a highly scalable event-driven application server with a robust component model and fault tolerant execution environment. Mobicents JAIN-SLEE is the first and only Open Source Platform compliant with JAIN-SLEE 1.1 (JSR 240). It provides a set of connectors to a variety of networks elements: SS7, MAP, TCAP, INAP, ISUP, XMPP, SIP, MGCP, HTTP, SMPP, XDM, XCAP and many others.

  • Mobicents Sip Servlets - an open platform for rapid development and deployment of SIP and Converged applications. The first open source implementation of SIP Servlets v1.1 (JSR 289). Mobicents SIP Servlets can run on top of Tomcat, JBoss and other Java Eneterprise containers.

  • Mobicents Media Server - a full features Java Media Server that can be controlled via MGCP (JSR-23) and JSR-309 (Protocol agnostic media server control API). The Mobicents Media Server aims to meet the demands of converged wireless, wireline, cable broadband access and fixed-mobile converged VoIP networks from a single media gateway platform.

  • Mobicents Diameter - a suite of client and server side implementations of the Diameter family of protocols. Implements the Base Protocol as well as some of the most important and widely used Diameter applications, allowing a fast development of IMS components, such as Application Server (AS), Home Subscriber Server (HSS), Call Session Control Function (CSCF), Subscriber Location Function (SLF), and others. It is easily extensible to provide support for additional Diameter applications.

  • Mobicents SIP Presence Service - provides presence functionalities to SIP based networks. Implements RCS and other standards from IETF, GSMA, OMA, 3GPP and ETSI. Includes an XDM Server, a Presence Server, a Resource Lists Server (TBA), all implemented on top of Mobicents JAIN SLEE core. Client components such as JAIN SLEE SBB enabler interfaces, internal and external to the servers, are also provided.

  • Mobicents SS7 - a set of JSLEE Resource Adaptors and Java implementations of SS7 APIs: MTP2,3, ISUP, SCCP, TCAP, CAMEL, and MAP protocols for connectivity to legacy SS7 networks over SIGTRAN (TCP/IP) or via onboard PC cards.

  • Mobicents Incubator is the place, where all emerging Mobicents projects are seeded and nourished until they are ready for prime time.