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Installing Trac on CentOS

Installing Trac on CentOS

1. Before you do anything, go ahead and install subversion

2. Install the python easy install tool:

$ wget
$ sudo python

3. Install Trac :

$ sudo easy_install Trac

4. Install mod_python :

$ sudo yum install mod_python python-devel

5. Create a new Trac project :

$ sudo trac-admin /var/www/trac/my_project initenv MyProjectName sqlite:db/trac.db svn /var/lib/subversion/repositories/my_project/

Obviously adjust the paths, project name etc according to your setup.

if you get this error :

ExtractionError: Can't extract file(s) to egg cache

The following error occurred while trying to extract file(s) to the Python egg

[Errno 13] Permission denied: '/root/.python-eggs'

The Python egg cache directory is currently set to:


Perhaps your account does not have write access to this directory?  You can
change the cache directory by setting the PYTHON_EGG_CACHE environment
variable to point to an acc…

Subversion Server on CentOS

Subversion Server on CentOS

1. Install a couple of packages via yum:

$ sudo yum install httpd subversion mod_dav_svn

2. Create a directory to store the svn repositories in :

$ sudo mkdir -p /var/lib/subversion/repositories
$ sudo chown -R apache:apache /var/lib/subversion

3. Because I make and delete repositories quite a lot, i made a script to build them. Save this script somewhere and make it executable. I saved it as /bin/make-repos so i can use it from anywhere.


if [ $# -ne 1 ]; then
echo 1>&2 Usage: $0 repository_name
exit 127

echo "Sudoing...";
sudo svnadmin create --fs-type fsfs /var/lib/subversion/repositories/${1}
sudo chown -R apache:apache /var/lib/subversion/repositories/${1}
sudo chmod -R g+w /var/lib/subversion/repositories/${1}
sudo chmod g+s /var/lib/subversion/repositories/${1}/db

4. Create a new file /etc/httpd/conf.d/svn.conf with the following contents :

LoadModule dav_svn_module modules/
LoadModule dav_svn_module modules/mod_authz_…

Przepraszam - Sztywny Pal Azji

Róże Europy - Jedwab

Róże Europy - Jedwab

Daab - Ogrodu serce

Daab - Ogrodu serce

Piosenka o kwiatach Marek Roman

Piosenka o kwiatach Marek Roman pełna wersja

Rezerwat - Zaopiekuj się mną

Rezerwat - Zaopiekuj się mną

Install Postgres 8 on Centos

How to Install Postgres 8 on RHEL/Centos in 3 minutes

I want to share quick and specific instructions for the installation of the Postgres 8 database on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 / Centos 5. I am using Yum for this installation. To make sure that you have everything needed do:

yum list | grep postresql

and verify that you see:

postgresql.i386, postgresql-server.i386 and postgres-libs.i386 (i386 if on non-64 bit version)

Centos installation comes with postgresql-lib installed. If it does not, do:

yum install postgresql-libs

Now, the general installation. As root install postgres core:

yum install postgresql

Install postgres server:

yum install postgresql-server

Now create postgres user:

adduser postgres

Create the datafile for the database:

mkdir -p /usr/local/pgsql/data

Change ownership of the data files to the postgres user:

chown postgres /usr/local/pgsql/data

Now assume the role of a postgres user:

su - postgres

Important note: Installation of the postgres executa…

centos xen virtualizatrion

Installing Xen On CentOS 5.0 (i386) Version 1.0
Author: Falko Timme
Last edited 06/08/2007This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to install Xen (version 3.0.3) on a CentOS 5.0 system (i386).Xen lets you create guest operating systems (*nix operating systems like Linux and FreeBSD), so called "virtual machines" or domUs, under a host operating system (dom0). Using Xen you can separate your applications into different virtual machines that are totally independent from each other (e.g. a virtual machine for a mail server, a virtual machine for a high-traffic web site, another virtual machine that serves your customers' web sites, a virtual machine for DNS, etc.), but still use the same hardware. This saves money, and what is even more important, it's more secure. If the virtual machine of your DNS server gets hacked, it has no effect on your other virtual machines. Plus, you can move virtual machines from one Xen server to the next one. I will use CentO…

linux intalacja pendrive usb netinstall

1. program UNetBootin
2. ściągamy obraz iso netinstall naszej dystrybucji np centos
3. przygotowujemy pendrive usb za pomocą programu pkt. 1.
4. restart PC i boot z USB
5. źródło danych http
Directory: centos-5/5.2/os/i386/
6. dalej już idziemy za instalacją

Jak ustawić wyłączyć belkę nawigacyjną w blogger

#navbar-iframe {
display: none !important;

Jak ustawić kolorowanie składni na blogger

1.In the blogger,Click on Layout tab ->Edit HTML and put following things Before </head>

<link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'/>

<script language='javascript' src=''/>

<script language='javascript' src=''/>

2. put following things Before </body>

<script language="javascript">




3. Convert your code using any WYSISYG editor (Paste in editor and copy html view of editor)


Copy your code in notepad and replace all < in &lt; etc.

4. Put your updated code between:

<pre name="code" class="Cpp">

….My code here…